A Little Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my blog page.

I have had a few experiences, especially recently, that have opened my eyes, my heart and mind, even though many have been extremely painful at times, they have also brought joy, laughter, knowledge and hope.

To some of you, I will appear to be crazy, well maybe I am? I do love the individuals and eccentrics of this world, those who are not scared to show they are different, those that do not hide the true meaning of being alive and enjoy it to the full, their way.

To others, I hope to bring understanding, enjoyment, happiness and love. To see the true beauty in ourselves, in nature and in our amazing Universe. To learn to love each other, to love ourselves, to live in peace and happiness.

I will explain further as we go along, and through sharing my thoughts, ramblings, beliefs, joy and pain with you, I hope you will come to understand me and my journey.


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