Yesterday’s Conversations

I truly don’t believe demons exist. It’s just a balance, we can all be good and bad, and we all have weaknesses. How you see yourself makes the persona real, change the way you look into yourself and you will see you are also full of light. I don’t see you as evil. I think you’re confused by programming from your childhood and/or past experiences. I know that isn’t the real you. I see the real you and you are not evil, the very opposite in fact. If that were not true you wouldn’t care about the past or how others think of you. Let go!

It is never anyone’s soul’s intent to cause harm or pain. Our true selves send a part of us here to experience and learn, sometimes the main lessons are for us and sometimes they are not. But we all still learn in the process.

I am not proud of some things I have done, some I regret deeply, during this life we are only human and as humans we can be good and bad. It is all a part of how our souls evolve and grow. We have both learned some very hard lessons and experienced massive traumas. But they Do Not define who we really are. The true lesson is to learn from our mistakes, to experience joy & pain. Without both how can we know everything there is to know? We have to continuously learn to reach our full potential in each life we experience. I believe your lesson is to let go of what you think you are and become your true self. Let the veils of the past drop before you and see the good and beautiful creature you truly are.

You have to let the hurt go. Continuing like this is the same as taking poison and expecting someone else to die. Don’t do this to yourself anymore. Animals love you, nature loves you, neither would if you were ‘evil’. Always remember that.

You still have the rest of your life ahead of you. It is time to enjoy this life, time to become one with yourself and nature. Time to become the real person, not the shadow you dwell in.

You have followed a bad example, because when we hurt we hurt others, sometimes intentionally sometimes not. 

But that doesn’t define you, so don’t let it.

You are no longer that person, you can be whomever you want to be, it may not bring wealth and high stature, but it will bring peace and happiness to you and your soul.
You have strength and courage, intelligence, kindness and wit, use those to open your eyes and heart to see your true self.

Everything you say and do has an impact on what you think of yourself. Talk negatively about yourself, your past and your future and negative is what you get in your life.

Stop focusing on the past, stop focusing on “bad”, stop labelling yourself as a demon or evil. Forgiveness starts with forgiving yourself.

Put the past behind you and throw away the key. Nothing we can say or do will change that. Those lessons are learnt and never to be repeated.

Start using your gifts,

Start being the person you want to be,

Start doing, thinking, behaving to yourself as well as others with true love and care.


I know this is a fundamental truth. Positivity breeds positivity. Use it every second of every day.

Start truly believing in yourself, in your true capabilities. Let the past go!!

You are the future!!!

Step forward into the light, THAT is who you are!

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