Welcome to my page. I have decided to write a blog and share it with you here, as I keep being told to write it all down. To share it and repeat my experiences and learning as they happened to me.

To some of you, I will appear to be crazy, well maybe I am? – I do love the individuals and eccentrics of this world. Those who are not afraid to show their true selves, those that do not hide, those that enjoy life to the full, their way. As long as we cause no harm I am happy to ride along the same journey.

To others, I hope to bring laughter, understanding, happiness, comfort and love.
To see the beauty in ourselves, in nature and in our amazing universe. To learn to love each other, to love ourselves, to live in peace and in happiness.

I will explain further as we go along, and through sharing my thoughts, ramblings, beliefs, joy and pain with you, I hope you will come to understand me and my journey.

Thank you for stopping by.